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Academic exchange and top-class support

Founded in 2006, the Gutenberg Academy Honors Program brings up to 25 of the university's best doctoral students and artists (junior members) together and provides them with the chance to participate in an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas at the highest intellectual level. These students have the possibility to interact and exchange with excellent researchers and artists of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) (senior members.)

The Gutenberg Academy supports JGU's best young researchers and young artists in the development of their professional careers in the arts and sciences. The Academy's central focus is on the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, individual development and networking.


Interdisciplinary forum

The Gutenberg Academy provides an interdisciplinary forum to maintain a continuous exchange of interdisciplinary scientific information. The Academy's unique status results from the association of scholars from different generations and different scientific fields of research, who are able to benefit from each other by gaining a multi-perspective view of their respective work in one particular subject area. Free from constraints that govern academic work at the university as a whole, the Academy allows for a reclassification and re-contextualization of expert knowledge.

The Gutenberg Academy provides both junior and senior members the possibility to work with outstanding scholars from varying disciplines within the university on their particular research topics, as well as on general questions of scientific, academic, and scholarly relevance.

In this way, the Academy creates a platform for networking within the university that extends beyond departmental boundaries and thus promotes the identification of its members with the university as a whole.


Advancement of young scholars

Activities to promote the Academy's young research talents encompass three dimensions:

1. internal mentoring by one of the Academy's senior members

2. external mentoring by a well-known academic or public figure outside of the University

3. financial assistance.

The Gutenberg Academy’s mentoring program also encourages junior members to reflect on their personal standing and development in the field of science, as well as in society in general. This opens the possibility for members to continually redefine their goals by providing them access to different viewpoints and perspectives.

The Academy also funds activities of junior members that support the successful completion of their dissertations and increase their standing within the scientific community.



Networking within the scientific community is a factor that should not be underestimated in its importance for the development of a scientific career. Not only does the Gutenberg Academy's mentoring program ensure the differentiation and extension of the university's network of outstanding researchers from different generations, but it also enables junior members to gain insight into fields and have interaction with others that would otherwise not be possible.

The networking opportunity among the junior members themselves particularly remains a primary element of the Academy that continues to be a benefit even after active membership has ended.

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April 22, 2024, 6 pm
GAHP Welcome Ceremony
Alte Mensa, JGU Campus

May 6, 2024, 4.30 pm
Round Table "The Dual Face of AI: Illuminating Opportunities and Challenges in Academia and Work"
Venue: TBA



The next application deadline is the 18th October 2024
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