Networking: Members and Alumni




The Gutenberg Academy consists of three different groups of members:

  • senior members: the most renowned scholars and artists of the university (maximum 25)
  • junior members: excellent doctoral students and young artists of the university (maximum 25)
  • well-known academic and public figures (Mentors)


The Gutenberg Academy is directed by two speakers and both the senior and junior members groups supply one spokesperson. Senior members take on the role of internal mentors for junior members. Mentors and mentees must be from different disciplines.

Internal mentors are available as the mentee's personal contact person. The goal of this personal contact is to provide the opportunity to strengthen the scientific interest and curiosity of junior members and to allow them to profit from the experience and knowledge of senior members. External mentoring, on the other hand, promotes the junior member in areas outside of the university.

Since 2018, junior professors with a tenure perspective have also been accepted into the Gutenberg Academy. Their nomination as associated members is made by the President of the JGU after their appointment as junior professors. The nomination is followed by acceptance into the Gutenberg Academy, provided the nominee agrees. Associated members will be invited to the Academy's events (round tables, network meetings and admission meetings) and may participate voluntarily.

Aside from the active members, the network also includes past junior and senior members. One of the Academy’s goals is to include alumni members in all activities and to welcome them to round table sessions and other meetings.

With this, the Gutenberg Academy promotes contact between active and alumni members, which opens up more doors for cooperative research and Projects.


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