Financial Assistance

...For Academy Members

Per member, the maximum amount of financial assistance available is €2000. As members of the Gutenberg Academy Honors Program (GAHP), young researchers can be granted financial assistance in the amount of a maximum €1000 per year during their membership, which can last a maximum of 2 years.

An application for financial assistance can be submitted for the following types of expenses:

1. travel expenses to attend professional conferences, research workshops, etc. in connection with professional activities (except daily allowance)

2. travel expenses within the framework of the GAHP, i.e. meetings with an external mentor (except daily allowance)

3. expenses that are necessary to support a dissertation project


...After the membership

After successfully completing a doctorate, a junior member can be awarded a grant to assist with covering printing costs for the publication of the dissertation. These funds are additional to the financial assistance mentioned above and cannot exceed €3000.